Traveling While black you don't have to be moving to be traveling

Traveling while Black
What does it mean to travel while Black

So you're visiting Minnesota. Wait! you are not visiting Minnesota because the welcome mat may not be pulled out for you if you are African American aka Black. But if you visiting and you had possibly visited this blog you would know where if anywhere you could go to get some ribs lol. On a more serious note, our travel rate is really low. In 2016 a report on CNN about African American travel had this quote in the article; "There has always been a stereotype that people of color don't travel -- or if they do, that they'll go to the Caribbean or Miami," says Evita Robinson, CEO and creator of travel community Nomadness Travel Tribe. I digress. Traveling while Black is not just "traveling" but an expansion of our horizons. It is about knowing how to travel the most economically,raising our awareness,dressing well ,eating well and living our best life. Knowing what we" need to know" when we travel. It's about the best way to "travel" to where we are trying to go mentally,spiritually and physically. Sit back and enjoy traveling while Black

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